King DTF Printer

Fully Automatic Roll to Roll PET Film Printing Machine

“Best DTF Printer Available in Class”

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Experience The Hassle Free DTF Printing..

White Ink Circulation
Processor controlled white ink circulation avoids
settling down white ink particles
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Vaccum Bed
Keeps the sheet aligned to bottom and maintains the
same gap between the sheet and print head
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Roll To Roll Support
No need to print sheets one by one, continuous
roll printing is supported
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Auto Roll Unwinding
Inbuilt media sensor which unwinds the roll automatically
while printing, which ensures smooth and continuous printing
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Large Ink Tank
250ml ink capacity for each color, so that you never run out
of ink while doing heavy jobs
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No Head Clogging
With our specialized DTF ink, we have tested machine for 8 days without switching on
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LCD Display
Multifuntion LCD Display which helps you with
fine tuning of your King DTF
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Modified Epson L1800 VS King DTF


DTF Printing Process

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Print the DTF Sheet on King DTF
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Place the sheet on Tshirt/Garment
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Apply Hot Melt Powder
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Heat Press
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Melt the Powder Layer in Oven
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Peel Off the Sheet

DTF Working Video



Printing Speed
4.20 minutes for A4 Size
Printing Speed in meter
Max. printing size
12” Roll to Roll
Ink type
Textile DTF Ink (Made in UK)
Print color
Print direction
Unidirection / Bidirection
System requirement
Windows XP / Vista/ Win7
Working power
85 Watts
Printing resolution max
2880dpi x2880dpi
Net weight/Gross weight
30 Kg
Printer Dimensions
27 in. x 28 in. x 24 in.
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Supported Items

Almost any type of fabric is supported by DTF. Below are the few examples
Cotton Tshirt
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Track Pant
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Polyester Tshirt
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Cloth Bag
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Denim Jackets
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